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The majority of law firms have invested in CRM, but struggle to employ it effectively for business development purposes. 

In Fall 2016, The Ackert Advisory conducted a market-wide study on the utilization and ROI of CRM for law firms. The survey of 130 North American legal marketers examined the cultural challenges behind lawyer CRM use, measuring ROI, and the interplay between CRM and lawyer business development.

This free white paper provides the latest market-wide data and best practices on:

  • Which CRM platforms are the most popular and user-friendly
  • How to choose the right CRM for your firm
  • How to improve lawyer utilization rates and accountability
  • How to measure and improve the ROI of CRM
Whether your firm already has CRM or is looking to invest in a platform, these best practices will help you make the most of your marketing resources and improve adoption and ROI. 

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Authored by:

David Ackert, President, Ackert Inc.

Olivia Watson, Senior Marketing Manager, Ackert Inc.

Foreword by Chris Frisch, Founder, ClientsFIRST Consulting