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Business Development Coaching Starter Kit

Help your lawyers create a customized business development plan in less than 15 minutes.


Download our BD Coaching Starter Kit to learn how to coach lawyers who tend to argue against business development or who are reluctant to try new ideas. Learn how to identify the most effective techniques that leverage different lawyers' strengths and personality types.

The starter kit includes:

  • A 10-minute video with 8 essential strategies for BD coaching, presented by David Ackert, President of Ackert Inc., and Jeanne Hammerstrom, CMO of Benesch.
  • Two BD planning worksheets that will help your lawyers identify their personality strengths and set effective, actionable BD goals.

To implement the starter kit simply watch the video, schedule a meeting with your lawyers, and help them fill out the worksheets. In less than 15 minutes they'll create a personalized business plan that includes immediate action steps and plays to their strengths, so their BD follow-ups will feel more natural and less intimidating.

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