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Free White Paper: Business Development Trends Across Firm Demographics (2018)

Learn which business development strategies will yield the greatest ROI for your firm.

In the Fall of 2017, The Ackert Advisory conducted a market-wide study on the most effective business development techniques being used across the law firm landscape.

Unlike other research examining global averages, this survey of nearly 100 North American firms examined which revenue generation strategies are most effective for specific firm sizes, lawyer seniority cohorts, industry groups, and practice areas.


White paper laying on concrete: 2018 Market-Wide study by Ackert Inc.


This free white paper provides the latest market-wide data and best practices on:

  1. The differences in effective business development strategies for senior associates,  junior partners and senior partners.
  2. The most effective revenue generation techniques for boutique, small, medium and large firms.
  3. Which marketing initiatives are a waste of money and which yield a high ROI.
  4. The most effective type and frequency of coaching for the different types of lawyers within your firm.
  5. Which practice areas and industry groups are the most effective revenue-generators, and the client development techniques that work best for each one.

Download the white paper to learn the targeted strategies that generate the best results, so you know where to spend your limited time and marketing budget for the greatest ROI.


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Authored by:

David Ackert, President, Ackert Inc.

Olivia Watson, Senior Marketing Manager, Ackert Inc.