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Learn how forward-thinking law firms are creating business development strategies that work


Law firms of all sizes have been struggling with the increasing need for business development to stay relevant in a highly competitive marketplace.

When conservative cultures and a lack of lawyer accountability relegate business development to "when we get around to it," it remains low-priority and hardly ever gets done. This can cause an endless amount of issues for a law firm trying to stay on the top of their game.


This free business development playbook will give you 7 tried-and-tested strategies for:

  • Creating a business development plan for lawyers who have no idea where to start
  • What to do when your lawyers won’t use existing CRM software and strategies
  • Promoting a culture of business development at your firm
  • Keeping abreast of and holding lawyers accountable to their BD pursuits
Make the best use of your marketing resources and equip your lawyers with business development strategies that have been proven to work.


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