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BD Targeting Starter Kit for Lawyers

bd-targeting.pngHelp your lawyers identify the 15 most important BD relationships in their network (in 20 minutes or less).

Download the BD Targeting Starter Kit.


Identifying business development opportunities is challenging when it involves sifting through a vast network of 500+ LinkedIn connections and 1000+ vCards in Outlook. It's virtually impossible for lawyers to maintain that many relationships, so encourage them to think small.

There are only 15 people that will make or break a lawyer's year: 5 prospects, 5 clients, and 5 referral sources. These relationships will yield the greatest ROI for the time lawyers invest in business development. Download the starter kit to identify who these 15 people are, and how you can leverage each relationship for BD opportunities.

The starter kit includes:

  • 15-minute video tutorial, presented by Darryl Cross, that provides a comprehensive strategy for identifying the 15 people that form an ultra-targeted BD pipeline of key relationships
  • A downloadable worksheet that helps lawyers identify the most important clients, prospects, and referral sources to pursue for BD opportunities
  • 3 simple action steps to begin nurturing your BD pipeline and set the stage for a productive year

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