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Free Guide: How to Negotiate an AFA

Learn how to coach your lawyers in negotiating a mutually successful AFA.

Download our free starter kit for a productive 15-minute coaching session.


AFAs may be the new normal, but most lawyers have not yet adjusted their negotiation style to match the current fee-sensitive landscape.

Download our free starter kit to learn how to coach your lawyers through their next negotiation so that they can maintain rate integrity with their institutional client base.

The starter kit includes a 12-minute video presented by David Ackert, President of Ackert Inc., and Terry Williams, Global Director of Strategic Pricing at Hogan Lovells.
It also includes a downloadable negotiation guide that covers the following:

  • In-depth descriptions of 9 of the most effective AFA models and when to use them
  • How to negotiate with clients who have a specific need (e.g., cost certainty, risk certainty, value-based or volume-based needs)
  • The advantages and disadvantages of different AFA formats
  • 6 best practices for optimal outcome and profitability

Schedule a brief coaching session with your lawyers, watch the video, and print out the negotiation guide. In less than 15 minutes you will provide strategic value to your lawyers, clients, and the firm's profitability.

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