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Key Performance Indicators for Law Firms

This free report provides legal marketers with a set of 18 useful KPIs that are easily calculated, aggregated from platforms they already use, immediately actionable, and strategically valuable. We will also explain what you can do with those metrics to cut costs, identify opportunities, and grow the firm.

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David Ackert

President, Ackert Inc.


Aaron Garcia

Marketing & Business Development Manager, Ackert Inc.


Olivia Watson

Senior Marketing Manager, Ackert Inc.

The majority of law firms do not track metrics when it comes to the performance of marketing and business development activities. This presents a risk in that inefficient and low-ROI activities dampen profitability and the ability to compete. However, it also presents an opportunity because law firms who start tracking these metrics will position themselves on the leading edge in the industry, ahead of their competitors.

Legal marketers, often under-valued and lacking influence in the strategic planning of the firm, have an opportunity to create their own seat at the table. By providing business intelligence metrics to firm leadership, marketers can present data-driven insight that is invaluable to firm management.

In this report, we make a case for:

  • Why law firms should track business intelligence metrics.
  • How these metrics can benefit the firm, the lawyers, and the marketing department.
  • 18 specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that legal marketers should track.
  • How marketers should respond to each KPI to optimize efficiency and ROI.
  • How our business intelligence dashboard, Practice Viewer, can track all of these metrics effortlessly.

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Though KPI tracking is widely effective in other industries, it remains a fairly new and unknown phenomena for law firms. Thus, those firms who position themselves as early adopters will enjoy being on the leading competitive edge, forcing laggards to adapt and adopt, or risk flying blind.

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